As a Christian coach, speaker and author, I love to watch in wonder the incredible transformations in women’s circumstances as they apply positive strategies. My own learning journey has been painful and colourful (yep) but also healing in order, I believe, to help others with their voyage called life. To me, women are fabulous, resilient, Continue reading



I have two very special friends, one I’ll call Friend1 and the other Friend2. Friend1, who I’ve known for 40 years, lives in another city in another country so we rarely see each other but when we do, it’s incredibly special. We both cherish and savour those times. Unfortunately for us though, misunderstandings over the Continue reading

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Un-Frazzle And Find Your Dazzle!

I’m there finally! Yes, I’ve actually written this book. The process included edits (a zillion), publishing and printing, eBook formatting and it’s now ready to go! My baby, the book. Off to touch other girls’ worlds. My real babies were conceived, carried, then pushed out. However this labour of love took five arduous years from Continue reading