Where do you go when you’re all alone? When God seems silent? When the Heavens don’t open and you feel that everything and everyone is against you? There is a place that I call the glory bubble. It’s is a place of refuge, safety and peace. Sometimes if I’m awake and sleep is elusive, I pull Continue reading


Does your schedule, calendar, to-do-list or whatever you like to call it, seem to rule and govern your life with a mind of its own? Being organised and disciplined about all things time management is a great way to get things done. (I know!) However if the process takes over, rather than being a support Continue reading

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Hello Beautiful New Girlfriend

I love making new friends. Remembering their names is another matter though! (A friend of mine says that to remember the female petrol station attendant’s name, Shirity, they use a mental word association by subtracting a few letters of her name. I won’t tell you what their prompt was—you can probably get it. I just Continue reading

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Why Should I Give?

I listened to a story about a group of elderly women who knit, crochet and sew to raise money for their local medical centre. Over many years this group of ladies has funded costly and much-needed medical equipment whilst getting together weekly to work and do life together. The story centred around a newcomer who Continue reading