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As a Christian coach, speaker and author, I love to watch in wonder the incredible transformations in women’s circumstances as they apply positive strategies.

My own learning journey has been painful and colourful (yep) but also healing in order, I believe, to help others with their voyage called life.

To me, women are fabulous, resilient, caring and even sometimes tough in order to do amazingly difficult and wonderfully brave things.

Esther from the Bible had some inner qualities that she didn’t realise and they were tested. She had been created to be a leader, an intercessor and a strategist, plus a courageous woman in the middle of a terrible situationfor such a time as this. (Est. 4:14 AMP)

You probably have struggles, feeling at times stress, guilt, fear and unforgiveness as you go through your life. But you know what? You can still be of use as a wonderful influence for others, even with all of that turmoil, as you intentionally dig down to locate your inner strengths in the middle of the struggle. Perhaps the right environment is needed for them to bloom.

Let me encourage you that you can be a beautiful you in the middle of any mess.
Some tips to step out bravely lovely one:

  • Take note of what you are listening to. Get some good stuff going on in your head.
  • Care for and about yourself. How can you care for others on an empty tank?
  • Get out there and show the world your inner woman, perhaps hidden from the world until … now!

God does not see the same way [as] people see. People look at the   outside of a person [appearances; the                    outward appearance], but the Lord looks at [on] the heart …” 1 Sam. 16:7 EXB

Got it? Go show it!

Coming to your inbox soon will be info about an event where you can make a difference. Yes you girlfriend, for those who don’t have a voice. You can invest a few dollars for a fun-packed evening to get acquainted with the terrible trade of human trafficking whilst being encouraged and inspired yourself.

This is my promise: you will come away changed.

Love and hugs,



A Woman of Influence